%100 Money Back Guarantee; If you receive an incorrect size (different from your choose), a damaged product or a wrong product; all shipping costs and customs fees are paid by Bahyezen. You will have a full refund. 


If customer have chosen wrong size, Bahyezen won't accept returns.

If customer want to exchange a product(s), all shipping costs and customs fees will be paid by customer.


What size should I choose when buying products?

In product details, all dresses have size chart included. Also in detail section of products; please read informations carefully. '' 4 cm’’ difference between sizes. Size Chart If you have other questions, you can send an e-mail to i[email protected]

What's your return / exchange address?

Ismet Kaptan Mah. No.27 / 2 Sair Esref Blv. Huzur ishani K.5 Konak 35210 IZMIR / TURKEY

Recipient: BAHA PAMUK

Telephone: 0090 531 555 29 29 / 0090 850 304 38 64

How can I forward my complaint regarding your website?

You can contact us at [email protected] to complain about any problem.

You can send us suggestions and complaints

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